Complete Career Development Package


Prepare Yourself For a Career Change or a New Challenge at Work


The Complete Career Development Package  contains all of our career support tools to take you through the complete career planning cycle at a reduced price. This package allows you to identify the types of work you would be interested in, identify your strengths and weaknesses, prepare a CV, prepare for psychometric testing and keep track of your job applications. 

The Complete Career Development Package contains :

  • Careers Interest Report - to help you identify which jobs you are most interested in.
  • Career Development Report - based on a detailed personality assessment to help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as getting you started on dealing with your personal development areas.
  • The Personal CV and Resume Writer - to help you produce a range of CV's for different job applications.
  • Job Application Tracker - to help you keep track of your job applications.
  • SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED - to help you prepare for a wide range of psychometric tests.

How To Order

  1. Go the order page and complete the order form.
  2. Your instructions for accessing and using all of the products in the package will be emailed to you.

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Price : £120.95