Personal CV and Resume Writer


Do you worry that your CV or Resume isn't going to do you justice because you are competing against people with professionally written CV's, or that your CV may actually be working against you rather than for you? This software can help you write an effective CV from scratch, you just enter your details and it does the rest.


Which of These Mistakes Have You Made with Your CV?

  • Using the wrong CV Layout Type for your individual circumstances?

  • Writing a CV with inappropriate or irrelevant content?

  • Writing a CV with key information missing?
  • Failing to make the most of your own unique history and producing a CV which looks just like everyone else's?
  • Padding your CV with useless information because you struggle to find interesting content?
  • Using only a single CV for different job applications, rather than tailoring it for each different job application?
  • Not keeping your CV up to date?
  • Having too many CV's and losing track of them?
  • Failing to make the most of non work related experience?
  • Not adequately describing your own behavioural strengths?
  • Writing inappropriate or badly produced covering letters?

   With the Personal CV and Resume Writer You Can  

  • Quickly produce a professional quality CV or Resume using a powerful and intuitive Expert System devised by our  team of Occupational Psychologists and experienced Career Development Experts who know what organisations look for in a well produced CV.

  • Use the Layout Style Questionnaire to choose the best CV Layout Style for you - chronological, functional, targeted, competency based or combination using an . Your CV is then automatically formatted and written for you based on the Layout Style you choose.

  • Quickly and simply produce CV covering letters which can be easily customised for a range of different situations. You simply enter the recipient details, how you became aware of the job and the software does the rest.

  • Identify your personal strengths from a detailed and comprehensive list of behaviours to help produce an impressive CV - even when you are returning to work, do not have an extensive work history, or have not had a great deal of formal education or schooling.

  • Produce as many CVs or Resumes using as many different styles as you wish. You only need to enter your details once to always have an up to date CV to hand.

  • Account for and effectively describe on the job training and experience which has not been formally examined.

  • Tailor your CV with complete flexibility using the built in Editor.

  • Print or export your CV to a file for saving or later editing.

  • Produce a CV at your own speed at a time convenient to you - once downloaded you do not need to be on line to use the Personal CV Writer

  Free CV Style Choice Questionnaire

You can access the integrated CV Layout Type Questionnaire free of charge without a password. This will help you choose the correct CV style - chronological, functional, targeted, competency based or combination for your specific circumstances.

Simply download and install the software and use the password 'Guest User' to enable CV Layout Type Questionnaire. You will need to order a password to fully enable all of the remaining features of the Personal CV Writer.  

Quick and Easy to Download and Install

To download the Personal CV Writer installation file, click on 'Download the Personal CV Writer now'.

When your browser asks what you want to do with the file click on 'save to disk', or from your browser menu/right click options choose 'save/copy link as'. This should take about 3 minutes, and will save the file 'CVWriterSetUp.exe' on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the file you simply double click and follow the on screen prompts to install the program.

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How To Order

  1. Go the order page.
  2. Complete your order online using our secure server
  3. You will then be sent an email with instructions to enable you to access the full version of The Personal CV and Resume Writer.

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Price : £29.95

Please note - this software is single user, personal/private use only.


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