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Careers Interest Report

Which Career Would be Right for You? Which Job Would You be Happy Doing?

Whether you are just starting out in the world of work or thinking about a career change, deciding which is the right career for you is likely to be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Many people are not fully aware of the many types of work which exist and have no idea about where to begin when it comes to choosing the right one for them one - even people who have worked for years. A Careers Interest Report will help you do this.

Using a comprehensive on-line Occupational Preferences Assessment Questionnaire developed specifically for the purpose, we can assess your occupational interests for the 8 major Job Groups and 27 specific Job Types. Each Job Type is then further subdivided into specific occupations. The final report we produce for you covers over 250 specific occupations.

This will help inform your career decisions and is suitable for all ages, backgrounds and educational levels. It can be used in conjunction with a Career Development Report which will help you identify your own personal characteristics and help you work out ways of addressing the development areas you may have in relation to a particular type of work.

Which Other Jobs Might You Enjoy?

Your Careers Interest Report is designed to help you gain an understanding of which types of work you may be interested in - even ones you may never have thought of !

This 15 page  full colour report provides highly detailed information about your interests in each of 8 MAJOR JOB  GROUPS, and their associated JOB TYPES. The report has three sections :  

Section One

Section One reports on your preferences for each of 8 MAJOR JOB GROUPS. Your results in this section are derived from the preferences you express when asked to choose between the activities associated with different job groups.

Section Two 

Section two is more detailed than section one and provides information in absolute terms based on your ratings of individual activities associated with 27 SPECIFIC JOB TYPES, which are sub-divisions of the Job Groups. Section two finishes with a rank order summary of your interest scores for each of the 27 Job Types.

Section Three 

Section Three describes four personal characteristics which may affect your choice of career. These are Leadership Style, Work Style, Preferred Work Environment and Learning Style. Your scores in this section are interpreted in comparison to the general adult population.

Your results in every section of the Careers Interest Report are presented as both numerical scores and full colour illustrations which allow you to make direct comparisons between your preferences for, and interests in each area. 

The full report is 17 pages long, here are a few sample pages:

Special Offer

Because many clients require both a Careers Interest Report (to help them identify what types of work they may be interested in) and a Career Development Report (to help them identify where their employability shortfalls may be) you can order both at a discounted price of just £59.95. See our order page for more details.

How to Obtain Your Careers Interest Report

  1. Go the order page.
  2. Complete your order online using our secure server
  3. You will then be emailed a password and instructions to enable you to complete the Careers Interest Questionnaire on-line.
  4. The results are automatically sent to us and we then compile your Careers Interest Report and email it to the address you have given on your order.

Price : £34.95